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Instructions on how to modify the style of the Figma components

One of the core benefits of using the ADAPT Design System is the fact that all components and styles are defined in a central theme. This means the typography, color scheme and visual style can be edited in a central location, and everything else will automatically update.

I need the “Bain-Branded” version of the Design System

Enable the Master Figma file via these instructions and you're good to go.

I want to edit the visual style and add custom branding

This is usually the case when creating products for clients where it does not make sense to use the Bain branding. Perhaps the client's brand already has a strong visual identity and their software should also follow that brand? Or in other cases, the client might instead need a completely new visual identity for a new product.

Either way, if you want to edit the style you basically make a copy of the Figma library and edit it.

Note that once you've made a copy, your library will no longer receive automatic updates of the core Figma Library. This is not intentional, but just how the customisation works in Figma.

How to edit the Figma Library

  1. Make a copy of the Figma Library file and rename it to something useful (eg. ClientCo Design System)
  2. Make changes to the fonts, colors etc
  3. Publish the file as a Figma Library
  4. Enable the library file in your document
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