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What is a Design System?

A design system is a collection of common user interface elements, styles and processes to help teams design and build consistent user experiences — faster and better. Design systems often refer to UI elements as 'components' which are reusable parts of an application.

Examples of components include buttons, popovers and checkboxes, and foundational styles such as typography and colors. Here's a few:


Teams that use the design system can focus on what’s unique to their product instead of reinventing common UI components. --Design Systems Weekly

The work that we do in ADAPT is often focused on solving large-scale business problems and not on styling UI components, so instead of spending energy reinventing the wheel, teams can focus their efforts on what’s unique to their client's solution and get a lot of styling and visual design for free.

You can read more on various sites, but the rest of the content below will focus on ADAPT-specific content.

CORE for User interfaces

Most Bainies would be aware of Bain's toolbox for ensuring Powerpoint slides – CORE. This enables slides to appear consistent, professional and to be created easily.

The ADAPT Design System is like CORE for User Interfaces.

What's the value of a Design System?

Less chance of visual and UX "defects"

User interfaces are built with less chance of inconsistencies at the pixel-level. In a way, using a Design System contributes to ensuring that the interface is "zero-defect".

Faster design and development time

With the ADAPT Design System, our designers and developers will be equipped with tools that are using the same components, names and design constraints. This decreases the time needed for developer "handoff" and allows designers and developers to work in parallel.

Re-usable and easier to present

Codifying our work and white-labeling is an important part of adding value for Bain. The ADAPT Design System is built around a "theme" and it's very easy to sanitize and codify our work. There is also the added benefit of being able to prepare products for proposals quite quickly by tailoring a theme to the client.

Accessible by default

Coming soon!

How can I start using it?

Check out our Getting Started guides.

How can I contribute?

For more information, ask in #adapt-design-system on Slack or on Confluence.

The ADAPT Design System exists to enable faster, more effective results for teams. As an evolving tool, it also thrives on the input from its users – designers and developers in both Bain and client teams. To aid this, the design system’s core tools (the Figma Library and React codebase) are free and open sourced – meaning no complicated access control, restrictions or time lost waiting for access.

These tools are available to the public, but their license requires always including attribution to Bain. It's licensed under the GNU General Public License (v3)


Our team have worked together to co-create a set of principles that guide the design and development of products. Read more

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